Halloween with ribbons

We have entered the Halloween period and of course our proposals for tapes to use on this theme could not be missing.

We have many ideas for decorating masks and environments with our ribbons. Visit our sections of Double Satin and Polyester Ribbons that fit this event.

Some of our suggestions:


Throughout the month of October the Halloween promotion continues on already discounted products, by entering the coupon code promo15

Easter 2022

Happy Easter 2022

All of us of the inastrishop.com staff wish a Happy Easter to all our customers and remind you that we are always at your disposal for any kind of request.

In this period there are many uses that we can do with our ribbons to pack chocolate eggs and decorate our tables for Easter lunch.

As always we leave you some suggestions that we hope you will be grateful to:

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Discounts offers balances

Discounts! Sale! Offers!

The holiday season with all its load of gifts and presents is over, but now is the best time to take advantage of the discounts and sales on offer. On our Ecommerce site we always have one section with ribbons, laces, elastics, trimmings and many other items at favorable prices, but of course this time of year the section is enriched with new interesting items and new discounts.

With more than 400 items on offer with possible variants, the choice of discounted items is truly vast and varied. There are discounts on all types of ribbons for all packaging, edging, hemming and finishing needs.

Below we present a roundup of offers on many interesting items:

Lace Rachel, Lace Jacquard, Macramé, Sangallo

Lace Rachel, Lace Jacquard, Macramé, Sangallo

Acetate strings and waxed cords

Acetate cords waxed cords

Children's Fantasy Skeins

Children's fancy skeins

Striped and united elastic bands

Elastic striped elastic united

Organza ribbons

Organza ribbons polyester ribbons

Spirella tapes

Spirella tapes

Double Satin Simple and Bicolor

Two-tone double satin ribbons

Bias Ribbons Patterns

Fancy bias tapes

Lurex Trimmings, Braids, Folded Trimmings

Braids trimmings folded trimmings

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Photo Credits: Max Fisher

Washing symbols

A laundry symbol, also called a care symbol, is a pictogram that represents a washing method. These symbols are written on labels attached to clothing to indicate how a particular item should be best cleaned. There are different rules for care labels in different countries around the world. In some countries the pictograms are also supplemented by written instructions.

 The treatment indicated by the wash symbols is "the maximum allowed treatment" that is necessary or recommended. GINETEX (the European organization that defined the standard) states that "more forms of treatment with temperatures lower than those indicated on the care label are always allowed."

For example, if a symbol indicates washing in hot water and tumble drying, washing in cold water and normal drying of a garment is considered acceptable. The Canadian system was previously the most colorful, because it used three colors: green for “Go ahead”, yellow for “be careful” and red for “stop”. This system was then abandoned with the decision to switch to a common international regime.


Wet washbleachingironingDry washDrying by means of a rotary drum dryer
Wet washchlorine washIroningDry washDrying by means of a rotary drum
Treatment not allowedTreatment not allowed
the St. Andrew's cross placed on one of these graphic signs indicates that the treatment expressed by that particular graphic sign must not be performed.
Moderate treatmentModerate treatment
the bar under the basin or the circle indicates that the treatment should be performed in a moderate way compared to the treatment corresponding to the same graphic sign without a bar.
Very moderate treatmentVery moderate treatment
the interrupted bar under the tray indicates a very moderate washing treatment at 40 ° C.


Temp. MaxAction
Temp. Max 950095°normalnormalnormal
Temp. Max 950095°reducedat gradually decreasing temperature (by gradual introduction of cold water)reduced
Temp. Max 700070°normalnormalnormal
Temp. Max 600060°normalnormalnormal
Temp. Max 600060°reducedat gradually decreasing temperature (by gradual introduction of cold water)reduced
Temp. Max 500050°reducedat gradually decreasing temperature (by gradual introduction of cold water)reduced
Temp. Max 400040°normalnormalnormal
Temp. Max 400040°reducedat gradually decreasing temperature (by gradual introduction of cold water)reduced
Temp. Max 400040°very smallnormalnormaldo not twist
Temp. Max 300030°very smallnormalreduced
hand wash only40°- hand wash only
- do not machine wash
- treat with care
do not wash in water.- do not wash in water.
- in a wet state, handle with care


bleachingbleaching not allowed
- only cold and in diluted solution
not allowed


maximum temperature- maximum temperature of the iron sole: 200° C
maximum temperature- maximum temperature of the iron sole: 150° C
maximum temperature- maximum temperature from the sole from the iron: 110° C
- steam ironing can be risky
Do not iron- Do not iron
- steam ironing and steam treatments are not allowed


- dry cleaning with all solvents normally used in dry cleaning, including the solvents indicated for the sign P as well as trichlorethylene and 1.1.1-trichloroethane.
- dry cleaning with tetrachlorethylene, monofluoro-trichloromethane as well as all the solvents indicated for the F sign.
- normal washing treatments, without restrictions.
- dry cleaning with the solvents indicated in the previous point.
- severe limitations to the addition of water and / or to the mechanical action and / or to the washing and / or drying temperature.
- do not dry clean at automatic laundromats.
- dry cleaning with trifluorotrichloroethane, hydrocarbons (boiling point between 150 ° C and 200 ° C, flash point between 38 ° C and 60 ° C).
- normal washing treatments, without restrictions.
- dry cleaning with the solvents indicated in the previous point.
- severe limitations to the addition of water and / or to the mechanical action and / or to the washing and / or drying temperature - do not dry clean in automatic laundries.
Do not dry clean- Do not dry clean.
- do not remove stains with solvents.


- drying by means of a tumble dryer with a rotary drum allowed
- normal drying program.
- batch drying of rotary drum tumble dryers allowed
- reduced temperature drying program.
- do not dry with a tumble dryer.

Sweets and Ribbons have always been a perfect combination

Sweets and ribbons. With the arrival of the Christmas holidays, but not only, sweets, biscuits, pastries and cakes are the perfect ending to any self-respecting lunch.

Presenting a cake with the right packaging is certainly a sign of elegance and politeness towards our guests even on different occasions such as a birthday party.

Here, sweets and ribbons have always become a perfect combination in the presentation of these delicacies.

The confectionery industry has always been very sensitive to packaging. For this purpose, various types and types of ribbons are used: golden ribbons, double satin ribbons, finely elaborated organza ribbons. This is a custom that has always been present in the packaging of panettone, trays of pastries and sweets of various kinds.

In this period, both in the shelves of the department stores and in the pastry shops, there is an abundance of offers of Christmas sweets decorated with great skill. The packaging is a very important aspect for the realization of the sale. Every self-respecting dessert must have its own very particular packaging.

Christmas ribbons are the masters.

We propose below some of our articles on the subject that certainly lend themselves to the purpose.

In Christmas section of our Ecommerce we have many offers in this regard

Christmas ribbon Luna Lux
Christmas ribbon Luna Lux
Polyester Bouclè Ribbon
Polyester Bouclè Ribbon
Lame Polyester Ribbons
Lame Polyester Ribbons

Of course, we remind you that for the purchases of new customers we have activated a promotion with a 10% saving on the cart by entering the coupon code "NASTRI10".

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Photo credits: Anna Nekrashevich

Christmas ribbons

Christmas is coming with its Christmas ribbons ...

There is little time left for Holy Christmas and among the most recurring customs there is undoubtedly that of exchanging gifts with our family and our closest friends.
There are many ways to present a gift, but at the moment of delivery the one that undoubtedly strikes the packaging with which it is presented, the so-called packaging.
There are those who leave the care of the packaging to the merchant from whom they buy the gift and those who prefer to do everything by themselves, giving space to their personal taste and creativity.
As we all know, the packaging of a gift is itself a product as a fundamental part.
The packages of the packages or of the Christmas baskets are always decorated with very thematic Christmas ribbons at the event.
The most used colors are undoubtedly gold, silver, red, blue, green, or patterns that explicitly recall the event.
The materials are the lurex that gives brilliance, but also the finely worked polyester organza for a more elegant packaging.
Finally, we can also range from the use of scottish ribbons with golden threads which are always very refined.
The offer of this Ecommerce on Christmas ribbons is very vast and varied, there is in fact a whole Section Category Christmas dedicated to this event, but you can also find many ideas in the other categories.
Here are some of our items that will surely satisfy your every idea of ​​Christmas packaging.

Some multicolor Christmas skeins with 5 pieces of 2 meters each packed in a transparent polypropylene bag with flap and removable adhesive, European hole. We propose the series Christmas Fantasies 003, The series Christmas Fantasies 005 and the series Christmas Fantasies 006 on the bias in the size 20/10/10.

Another beautiful ribbon to close gift packs is our Lurex Cris Ribbon article in gold color and in various heights.

Cris Lurex ribbon
Cris Lurex ribbon

Then there are ribbons with finely worked transparencies in polyester:

Organza Lurex Christmas Ribbon
Organza Lurex Christmas Ribbon

Finally we propose our Scotland Gold polyester ribbon another beautiful Scottish ribbon with gold wefts:

Scotland Gold Christmas Ribbon
Scotland Gold Christmas Ribbon

We remind you that for new customers we have a promotion that is always active with a 10% saving on the cart by entering the coupon code "NASTRI10".

Discount code 10% ribbons10

inastrishop.com wishes you a Holy Christmas with many beautiful gifts!

Home Linen Furniture

Furniture and household linen

Today we will talk about furnishings, components, accessories and household linen.
There are many objects and accessories in our homes that are in common use and that we have under our eyes every day that we should give due importance.
They are furnishings and accessories that have become indispensable in the routine of our home life.
In every room we can find the most varied whose usefulness is essential for a good quality of life.
So let's try to walk through our home together in each of its environments to understand which and how many linen accessories and objects we can find there.

The living room.
The living room is definitely the place where we spend a lot of our time and it must be not only welcoming but also a place to relax.
A meeting place to discuss with loved ones, to watch television, to meet friends and acquaintances.
The living room is therefore an open place that identifies at first glance what will be the look and style of our home.
Here we can certainly meet sofas with their sofa covers. Tables and coffee tables with table centers on which to place ornaments and finally carpets and curtains.
We can therefore give space to our creativity to create knick-knacks that enrich our living room and place them as a centerpiece.
This you see below is just an example of what we could create using our imagination and necessary components with the use of ribbons with various patterns. Components that you can find in our shop in the section: Bias Motifs

The kitchen.
Another very popular home environment is undoubtedly the kitchen. Main place to prepare food and dishes to be then cooked and cooked.
Each kitchen is full of small and large fabric accessories such as dish towels, kitchen towels, dish cloths, pot holders for pots, but also tablecloths and napkins that are often adorned with bias ribbons or profiles suitable for finishing these products.

Also for this type of products our online shop comes to the rescue which, in addition to the section Bias Motifs, here is a proposal for other fantasies, provides entire sections of United Bias Tapes which cotton bias and profiles

The bathroom.
The place where we take care of our intimacy and our external appearance is undoubtedly the bathroom.
The bathroom must be a comfortable and welcoming environment tailored to our person.
The tablecloths and towels must be soft and fluffy and the furnishings are often equipped with wicker baskets where used clothes will be stored.

A good idea to make wicker baskets even more comfortable and in line with the bathroom environment is to cover the inside with white sheets edged with Laces Tombolo or Macrame ribbon and fixed to the baskets with Double Satin Ribbons. For the colors of the Double Face Satin Tape in our shop you are spoiled for choice. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a style to give an even more refined touch, here is a truly elegant item like the Rebrodè Tulle Lace

These accessories are consistently present in our online sales offer. To consult them all you just have to visit the well-stocked one Lace section where you will find many variations both in the design and in the heights.

The bed area

The accessories that are part of the bedrooms are undoubtedly the sheets, double or single and a half, the bedspreads, the quilts, the pillows with their pillowcases, the mattress covers, the sleep warmers.

Trying to enrich our trousseau, we can sometimes use gods Sangallo lace on pillows or white sheets.

Or with a little imagination we can use ours Skeins Baby / a in cotton for edging and hemming baby's kit.

Finally, remember that for each first purchase by entering the Coupon Code TAPES 10 upon payment you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase. Another way to save on your purchases is to sign up for ours Newsletter which offers you a further 15% Off (not combinable).

Photo credits:

KakaduArt, StockSnap

Baptism accessories favors

Ideas and accessories for baptisms, confirmations and communions

In Previous post we talked about the importance that the double satin dresses on wedding occasions. There was also mention of accessories for other special events, such as baptisms, communions and confirmations.
Like weddings, baptisms, communions and confirmations, the accessories are studied in detail by the respective families to guarantee a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Today we will deepen the discussion by talking about these events that constitute such a special moment.

Baptism is a sacrament that represents deliverance from sin and marks the beginning of the child's Catholic life.
Tradition has it that the child wears a bonnet and a white dress that symbolizes purity, adorned with lace lace and lace.

accessories baptisms communions

Every self-respecting baptism is accompanied by favors to be offered as a gift to the guests as a reminder and seal of this very special event.

Communions baptisms accessories

The favors that normally contain sugared almonds are covered with special fabrics that can be combined, with vichy checks, but also with polka dots.
All enriched by ribbons, bows and flowers of the color related to the sex of the unborn child.
The ribbons used in this event range from the classic plain double satin satin ribbon, to vichy-style checks or polka dots, up to more elaborate ribbons in cotton with typical childhood prints such as bears, flowers, hearts, etc.
In our online store in the section Motif Ribbons you can find very many
variants of ribbons with prints dedicated to this event and you are spoiled for choice.

For the flakes in addition to the classic light blue and pink colors we can also use the beige or cream color.

Finally, to enrich our favor we can also use gods raffia flowers like these we propose.

Many of these accessories using our creative imagination can also be used for other events such as communions and confirmations.

Double Satin Ribbons For Wedding

The double satin. The prince ribbon for weddings.

An indispensable accessory that cannot be missing and that we find in practically every wedding is undoubtedly the double satin ribbon. Spring has arrived and with it also begins what is normally considered the most suitable season to take the plunge and get married.

Marriage is a very important choice that plays a fundamental moment in the life of every couple. Getting married involves a myriad of actions to be implemented that can take many months to plan.

There are many things to do and think about: there is the choice of wedding rings, the place to get married, the restaurant where to have lunch, the decision of the menus, the choice of the photographer, clothes, decorations, decorations, etc.

The type of accessories to use is therefore of fundamental importance linked to many of our choices.

In addition to the double satin ribbons, the main accessory in the kit of every wedding experience, there are other types of Manufactured Ribbons to be used in special events such as: baptisms, confirmations and communions.

So let's try to give you some useful tips on the use of this fantastic and refined ribbon used as an accessory.

  • A nice double satin ribbon can make the delivery of the wedding rings more solemn.
  • A white double satin ribbon can be used to tie the bouquet of flowers intended for the bride.
  • It can be used to pack the container of your favors with bows.
  • We can tie the guests' napkins with double satin and make their lunch more pleasant.
  • With double satin you can elegantly adorn a photo album or use it as a page marker.

There are also types of double satin with the particularity of having a thread on one part of the selvedge that serves as a tie rod. By pulling this thread you can quickly and easily obtain beautiful rosettes.

Here is an example that you can find directly for sale in our shop

Double satin with tie

In our shop you can find many colors of double satin in many heights, many of which in promotion

But are you looking for an even more refined and elegant ribbon?
Then try to take a look at this beautiful collection of organza and double satin ribbons.
All still in exceptional promotion.

Finally, a very refined ribbon in its workmanship and that can make the difference in your wedding is our article Vip tape available in many colors.

Vip Polyester Organza Ribbon

In short, the uses of satin ribbons are many, both for what concerns the choice of colors and sizes, it all depends on our personal taste and combinations.
All we need therefore is to have a wide selection of items, colors and sizes available that allows us to give space to our creativity.

Our online offer of double satin includes nearly 100 different colors in various height measurements and is spoiled for choice.

Photo credits:

Albatross 67 StockSnap Mirella ST Parasol Tech

Textile Compositions Codes

Industrial labeling codes

Textile labeling is the set of indications that, by law, must appear on a special label on every garment and every textile product put on the market. The new Regulation (EU) no. 1007/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 September 2011 published in the Official Journal no. l 272 of 18 October 2011. "concerning the names of textile fibers and the labeling and marking of the fibrous composition of textile products and repealing Council Directive 73/44 / EEC and the directives of the European Parliament and of the Council 96 / 73 / EC and 2008/121 / EC

From: Wikipedia

A garment, an accessory or a fabric can also be made up of several components of textile fibers. In this case we will have percentages on the label that indicate the exact quantity of these components.

In many cases it is possible to find on the labeling mixed percentages of composition such as: Wo 80% PC 20%. This indicates that a particular accessory, fabric or garment, is made up of 80% wool and 20% acrylic components.

A concrete example of mixed compositions can also be found in the composition of this accessory, a glass effect bow tied with a double satin ribbon, which you can find in sale in our shop as we can see its composition is made up of 95% Polyurethane and 5% Polyester.

Double Satin Glass Bow
Double Satin Glass Bow

Below is the table of all the textile compositions on the market with their wording:

Textile compositionsItalian flagGreat Britain flagFrench flag
WPAlpaca yarnsAlpaca yarnsAlpaca
WSKashmirCashmereCashmere yarns
HAHair / HorsehairHairPoil / Crin
HRBovine hairCattle hairPoil de Bovine
HZCommon goat hairCommon Goat HairPoil de chevre Commune
HSHorsehairhorsehairCrin de Cheval
LILinenFlax / LinenLinen
CAHempTrue HempHemp
CUCupro Bemberg™Cupro Bemberg™Cupro Bemberg™
TATriacetate fabrictriacetateTriacetate
PAPolyamide or NylonPolyamide or NylonPolyamide or Nylon
GLTextile GlassGlass FiberVerre Textile
MEMetalMetal FiberMétal
PITextile Paperpaper yarnPaper
TR"Various fibers" or "Textile composition not determined""Mixed fibers" or "Unspecified textile composition"„Résidus textiles“ or „Composition non déterminée“
AF"Other fibers""Other Fibers""Autres Fibers"
WV"Virgin wool" "New wool""Fleece wool" "Virgin wool""Laine vierge" "Laine de tonte"
HL"Mixed linen / pure cotton warp - pure linen weft"„Cotton linen union / pure cotton warp - pure flax
weft "
"Métis / chaîne pur coton - trame pur lin"